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TraveloBiH is the first agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina specialized in educational tourism. We seek to welcome individuals, companies and groups who wish to travel for educational purposes (study tours) or simply for pleasure and vacation to enjoy in theme based tours and programs, learn about the history, culture and tradition while exploring the stunning landscapes and natural resources of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other Western Balkan countries. The programs represent a unique symbiosis of acquiring new skills and knowledge, while enjoying a rich cultural and tourist offer. Visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina means that you will also get to know a lot of welcoming people, who will want to show you around, suggest the best places to eat (and the cuisine is amazing!) and become your friends for life. You will love Sarajevo, the place where East meets West, its urban array with traditional Ottoman elements, the smell of fresh coffee and the vibrant atmosphere in the streets. We are also there to organize events, primarily conferences, seminars and symposia.

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From the moment your airplane lands/bus arrives, we take over and promise a thoroughly planned, well organised and enjoyable travel experience.

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our clients

are typically:

  • Educational institutions (high-schools and universities)
  • Private and public companies
  • Private individuals and groups


Every program is tailored to the interests of our clients and the prices are determined accordingly. If you have a rough idea of what you’d like to in BiH, drop us a line and we will work together to make it a memorable experience for your entire group!

a word from the director

My name is Elma Mahmutović and I graduated at the English Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo and started my professional career at the age of 23 by becoming the first national director of the international NGO Humanity in Action for Bosnia and Herzegovina. During my professional career, I helped organize dozens educational visits to my country and beyond and understood that educational tourism has great potential, however, it is almost unexplored in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, I decided to start TraveloBiH with the sincere desire to make travelling and organizing educational events in Bosnia and Herzegovina as easy, pleasant and fruitful as possible. My imperative is building lasting relations with clients, based on trust and responsibility.
Elma Mahmutović

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