The future of face-to-face / in-person meetings

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In our new Covid-19 defined personal and professional realities, we have adopted on-line communication channels and platforms to minimize the risks for employees, colleagues and partners. And luckily they exist! They certainly saved a lot of businesses from extinction in the times of this devastating global pandemic. But do we want to see an online oriented business environment? How does it affect our existing and new business relationships and what does it mean for the quality of our products and outputs?

Let’s reflect on some benefits of online meetings:

1. Flexibility & time-efficiency

You can arrange meetings with people from all over the world and from different time zones from the comfort of your home, without having to spend days travelling.

2. Cost-efficiency            

It is cheaper – all you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection.

3. Sustainable

And hey – it is more sustainable as there is no ecological footprint!

4. Safety

Most importantly, you do not put yourself or your associates and their families at risk of getting COVID-19!

The article would sound too idyllic if there wasn’t a “BUT”. The but lies in the aspect of the “human contact”. Even if we appreciate the benefits of the new technological innovations, we cannot neglect the fact that there’s much more to offline meetings than we think.

1. Energy and emotions

Sitting in the same room allows you feel the energy of the person (or group), their feelings and emotions, which is very important for the overall group dynamics. It is easier to address any issues and avoid misinterpretation in-person than through a screen!

2. Creativity

Spontaneous conversations during the meeting, coffee or lunch breaks often give a platform for creative processes and to the development of new ideas.

3. Trust

Meeting in person contributes to building new business relationships based on trust – which is the foundation of any successful business cooperation.

Luckily, we at TraveloBiH can help you organize both!

We work with COVID19 informed hotels and venues in BiH and can help you organize events in an environment that is safe for your audience!

For online meetings, events (seminars, workshops or even conferences) we offer:

  • scheduling Zoom sessions
  • tech support
  • on air host who manages discussions, presentations and group work.

Contact us for more information and we will work together to create your perfect online or offline event in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

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