History and Heritage Tour

There are few more beautiful, and more complex countries than Bosnia and Herzegovina. Throughout centuries, different ethnic and religious groups have co-existed on a geographically relatively small territory and it has not always been without turmoil. If you wish to explore the trails of the Medieval Bosnian Kingdom, the famous tombstones called Stećak in the picturesque landscapes of Herzegovina, or learn about more recent history, such as the legacy of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rules or the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 90’s, this tour is just for you. This trip will take you to the rich historical and cultural legacies of the country, UNESCO heritage sites, by exploring the hidden gems that will be excluded from regular tourist tours. We offer 5, 7 and 9 day tours combining lectures and discussions, hikes, river rafting, meditation and mindfulness activities, wine & food tastings and much more. You will meet ordinary people, visit village households and discover Bosnia and Herzegovina to the full extent.

Contact us for the full program and prices.

Ideal group size: 15 – 30 people (possible to have smaller or bigger groups).

*possible to design your own itinerary.